Introduction and important notes

Please read the following instructions carefully. The use of the app is very simple, so it won’t distract you unnecessarily while driving.

Please note: a 100%-security is impossible and thus, there is none. The fixed speed camera database covers more than 99% of Europe. We receive more than 20.000 daily reports of speed cameras.

By tapping on the alert (“+”) button, it is possible to report mobile or fixed speed cameras. This will help us to improve the quality and quantity of our speed camera database.

For using our app we recommend a data flat rate. If the online mode is activated, the fixed speed camera database updates every 7 days, mobile speed camera database updates every 5 minutes. When the database update is complete, a little pop-up will show on the display.

We highly recommend the usage of an in-car charger. The battery drains much quicker because the smartphone is constantly locating your current position, processing received data and illuminating the display is continuous (as it should be).

The app runs on smart phones with iOS 4.3 or higher. The app has been tested up to iOS 6.1.3.

If you have forther questions, please visit the section “Frequently Asked Questions” on our website or write an email to

Current Version: 2.0


App starting

As all applications, starts by tapping on the icon.

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Loading the app

While the app is loading, a black screen with an enlarged icon and our logo shows.

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No GPS signal

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Vehicle is not moving

As long as the „+“- button is greyed out, speed cameras can‘t be reported. The reporting of fixed or mobile speed cameras is only possible after a few seconds of moving.

When a GPS signal is received and there is no warning for the surrounding area, the screen will show three green chevrons indicating “free road ahead”. Beneath the green chevrons appears “No reports”.

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When a speed camera, in your driving direction, is closer than 5 km away, the street name of where the speed camera is located appears  beneath the 3 green chevrons. The appearance of one or two street names preceeded by the symbol of a fixed or mobile speed camera and distance information are the first indicators for speed cameras in your driving direction.

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When a fixed or mobile speed camera is closer than 1,000 meters away, the three chevrons change to the symbol of the speed camera type and the indicator bars turn to green. The orange arrow indicates the location of the speed camera.

Foto 21.03.13 11 24 30

If your current speed is above 80kph, you’ll hear the first audio alert. If the vehicle speed is 80kph or less, the first audible alert appears 500 meters before the speed camera.

If shortly after the upcoming speed camera another one is ahead less than 5 km away, its street name will be displayed in the bottom line. The warnings of fixed or mobile speed cameras are distinguished only by the word “mobile” in the warning symbol.

In case of a mobile speed camera, in addition to the warning sign, up to three stars appear downright. They indicate the quality of warning: the more the stars, the more users have confirmed the existence of that particular speed camera. A speed camera that has just been reported won’t have any stars.

Approaching to the speed camera

Starting from the distance of 500 meters to the speed camera, every 100 meters one bar of the stack turns red…

Foto 21.03.13 11 28 18

…until 100 meters before the speed camera all the bars are red to signal that you need to be extremely cautious.

Foto 21.03.13 11 28 52

Audible alerts occur at 500 meters, 300 meters and 100 meters before a speed camera.


Alleged error

You may find, what appears to be an erroneous camera alert appear. For example, a traffic light or a 50-kph-speed camera on highway. Please make sure that the displayed street name is on your actual route.


Background mode

If you enable the background mode in the settings of the appp, the warnings will be given as pop-ups.

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Foto 21.03.13 11 41 28


Confirmation mobile speed cameras

When an alert for a mobile speed camera occurs:- After passing the speed camera, a query screen appears asking you whether you have seen it (thumbs up) or not (thumb down). The response is made by simply tapping on one of the buttons. If in doubt, please close the window without tapping on any of the buttons. This screen is displayed for about 20 seconds and disappears if no button has been tapped.

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Reporting a speed camera

Beside the speed camera or danger spot confirmation, unknown speed cameras/danger spots can be reported. This is simply done by tapping on the “+”-button in the upper left corner of the start screen. The app memorises the GPS position immediately when the button is tapped and displays a confirmation pop up.

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Important for the report is the selection of the type of  speed camera or danger spot seen. Beside various danger spots, speeds, distance and traffic light supervision can be chosen and be reported as well.  The selected danger spot/speed camera type for reporting is marked as a blue tile.

The preselected camera type is mobile speed camera, because this occurs most frequently. The default speed is set according to the current speed by tapping on the “+”-button. This speed shall be rounded up to the nearest ten. This simply means that the driven speed of 41 kph is set to 50 kph, as would be 49 kph. If you drive 50 kph, it remains at the 50 kph default.

Immediately after the report, a confirmation popup appears telling you if the report was successfully sent.

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Foto 21.03.13 14 44 18

To change the language successfully, the app needs to be restarted. The confirmation screen will already show the newly set language. You can choose one of English, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and French.


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Online mode

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Infomation screen

This window appears when you tap on the little “i” on the bottom right of the app. This screen displays the number of speed cameras in your database and in an area of 50 km diameter. The number of speed cameras in the area of 50 km is rather informative.

Photo 19.03.13 17 08 29

By re-tapping on the icon on the bottom right the app returns to radar view. If you get closer to a  speed camera the warning bars are displayed at the top of the screen.