1. Introduction
  2. Installation
  3. App start
  4. GPS position
  5. Alerts
  6. Danger categories
  7. Confirmation requests
  8. Alleged error
  9. Reporting
  10. Settings
  11. Widget (PLUS only!)
  12. Traffic map by atudo
  13. Status information

1. Introduction

Please read the following instructions carefully. The use of the app is very simple, so it won’t distract you unnecessarily while driving.

Please note: a 100%-security is impossible and thus, there is none. The fixed speedcam database covers more than 99% of Europe. We receive more than 20.000 daily reports of speedcams.

By tapping on the alert („+“) button, it is possible to report mobile or fixed speedcams. This will help us to improve the quality and quantity of our speedcam database.

For using our app we recommend a data flat rate. If the online mode is activated, the fixed speedcam database updates every 7 days, mobile speedcam database updates every 5 minutes. When the database update is complete, a little pop-up will show on the display.

We highly recommend the usage of an in-car charger. The battery drains much quicker because the smartphone is constantly locating your current position, processing received data and illuminating the display is continuous (as it should be).

The app runs on smartphones with Android 4.4 or higher.

If you have further questions, please visit the FAQ section or write an email to support@camsam.com

Current versions:
CamSam 3.5.1
CamSam PLUS 3.5.1
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2. Installation

Go to your preferred app store, search for the app and start the download. For the app to work as advertised, you need to grant certain permissions in the first steps of the installation. They will look something like this:


In order to give alerts, it must know where you are. From Android 10, we recommend you to allow the location access „Always“. This way, the app can also access your location in background mode (and in widget mode).


For the widget to show at all, you gotta give the app the right to draw on top of other apps. See here what the widget is and what it looks like.


To grant this permission, you’ll have to jump to the smartphone settings. In order to return to the app, press the return button of your smartphone.
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3. App start

As all applications, CamSam/Blitzer.de (PLUS) starts after tapping the icon.


Loading the app
While the app is loading, a black screen with an enlarged icon and our logo shows.

Vehicle not moving
As long as the „+“- button is greyed out, you can‘t report dangers. The reporting of fixed or mobile speedcams is only possible after a few seconds of moving.

When a GPS signal is received and there is no warning for the surrounding area, the screen will show three green arrows indicating “free road ahead”. Beneath the green arrows “No reports” appears.


Temporary mute
When you’re in an area where you know all the fixed speedcams and don’t want to be warned, tap the speaker symbol. Tapping it once, the app will be muted for 5 minutes, twice for 10 minutes and three times for 15 minutes. For as long as the app is muted, the speaker will be crossed out. At the 4th tap, the sound will be back on and the loudspeaker symbol not crossed out anymore.

Number of active users

In the middle section at the bottom of the app you’ll find the number of users who are currently using the CamSam/Blitzer.de (PLUS) app.


Update databases

After the initial app installation the database of fixed cameras is already activated. In order to receive the latest version, the app should run at least 2 minutes with a steady WiFi-connection after starting. After the successful update of the database, a small pop-up appears at the bottom of the app.

update fixed

Similarly, while driving and in active online mode every 5 mins a small info screen appears informing you about the successful update of the mobile camera and danger databases.

update mobile

Icons in status bar
You can see the current status of the app in the status bar. When the app knows your position and you are online, the three white arrows are white. This icon is shown for as long as the app is running.

If there is no internet connection, the arrows are empty.


If the app cannot determine your position, the app symbol is crossed out. The app cannot work without your position.


Closing the app
If you want to close the app, tap on the „back“-button. A pop-up will appear asking you if you really want to close the app. Confirm this request by pressing “OK”.


In the app settings under „General“ > „Behaviour when closing“ you can deactivate the closing request. The app will then close as soon as you press the „back“-button of your smartphone.
Please note: If you press the home button, the app is placed in the background and goes on to operate there.

Closing of app and background service via app notification
Enable the notifications for CamSam/Blitzer.de (PLUS) in your smartphone settings. This way, when you pull down the status bar of your smartphone, a notification showing the app activity and a plus button for a quick report of speedcams and dangers will appear. If this option is active, you can also display an „X“ to close the app instantly when needed.


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4. GPS position


For the app CamSam (PLUS) to give you precise speedcam and danger alerts, it must know your exact position. If it cannot determine your position, it will show this red satellite symbol. You will be warned acoustically of the GPS loss, too. You can read here what to do if the red satellite shows frequently or even permanently.

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5. Alerts

When a speedcam or a danger in your driving direction is less than 5 km away, its location is shown below the three green arrows.

When a danger is less than 1,000 meters away, the three arrows change to the danger symbol and the indicator bars turn green. In case of a fixed speedcam, the orange arrow indicates the location of the speedcam.


In case of speedcams: If your currently driven speed is higher than 80kph, you’ll hear the first audio alert. If the speed is 80kph or less, the first acoustic alert occurs 500 meters before the speedcam.
When approaching the danger, the distance bars change from green to red starting at 500 meters and change in steps of 100 meters…


…until 100 meters before the speedcam all the bars are red to signal that you need to be extremely cautious.


Acoustic warnings occur at 1000/500, 300 and 100 meters before the danger. If there there is another speedcam shortly after the upcoming one, the street name of the second one will be displayed in the second line. Visual alerts for fixed and mobile speedcams differ by the additional lettering ”mobile“ inside the warning symbol.
In case of a mobile speedcam three stars appear below the warning sign. They indicate the quality of report from the community: the more the stars fill up, the more users have confirmed the existence of that particular danger. A danger that has just been reported will have 3 empty stars at the beginning.

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6. Danger categories

Beside warnings for speedcams, the app also alerts you of common danger spots: end of tailback, accidents, road works, obstacles, slipperiness and obstructed view. The symbols resemble common traffic signs.

You can see what the individual danger symbols look like in our FAQ section.


7. Confirmation request

When you’ve passed a danger, a confirmation screen shows up, asking whether you have seen it (thumb up) or not (thumb down). Simply tap on one of the buttons when you’re sure about your feedback. When in doubt, please close the window without tapping on any of the buttons. This screen is displayed for 30 seconds and disappears if no button was tapped.

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8. Alleged error

Sometimes, you may come across what appears to be a nonsensical warning for example a red-light or 50 kph warning on the highway. The reason for this is that while the app may know your current GPS position (longitude, latitude), it does not know which street you are on. This way, the app alerts you of dangers in your driving direction in a specific area. Please make sure that the displayed street of a danger is on your actual route.
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9. Reporting


You cannot send reports as long as the „+“- button is greyed out. Reporting is only possible after a few seconds of moving.
If you see a danger or a speedcam on the road that you have not been warned of, you can contribute and report the danger. Just tap the “+”-button in the upper left corner of the start screen. The app memorises your GPS position at tap on the button and displays a reporting screen.


Important for the report is the selection of the type of  speedcam or danger spot spotted. Beside various danger spots, speeds, distance and traffic light supervision can be chosen and be reported as well.  The selected danger spot/speedcam type for reporting is marked as a blue tile.

The preselected camera type is mobile speedcam, because this occurs most frequently. The default speed is set according to the current speed by tapping on the „+“-button. This speed shall be rounded up to the nearest ten. This simply means that the driven speed of 41 kph is set to 50 kph, as would be 49 kph. If you drive 50 kph, it remains at the 50 kph default.



Immediately after the report, a confirmation popup appears telling you if the report was successfully sent.

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10. Settings

In order to set your preferences for the app, tap on the menu icon bottom left in the main view of the app and choose „Settings“.

Here you can choose which warnings you’d like to get. At least one option must be selected.
ATTENTION Deactivation affects both acoustic AND visual alerts for the chosen type.




Here you can adjust the volume of the alerts.
Your individual sound settings can be tested using the „soundcheck“ button.
This also applies to the smartphone in the car that is already connected via Bluetooth.

The first volume bar is in sync with the systemwide media volume of your smartphone.
The second bar behaves relative to the first one. The Android guidelines do not allow the app volume to be louder than the systemwide media volume.

Bypass silent mode
If you have muted the media volume in your smartphone, you can use this option to bypass the mute of your phone and still hear warnings from the app.

Voice alerts
You can also decide if you want the warnings to be given as voice alerts or beeps.

Sound for dangers
If you remove the checkmark for voice warnings, you can select your own sound for dangers using the „Choose sound“ button. The beeps for both mobile and fixed speedcams cannot be changed. If you want to go back to the standard sounds, please select the file „Original_Sound.mp3“.

GPS information
Here you can deselect the GPS information. It’s the alerts saying „No GPS“ or „GPS found“. These are given right after starting the app and when the smartphone loses the GPS signal (e.g. in a tunnel) and then reconnects.

Acoustic warning during phone calls
If you want the app to warn you during a phone call, please select this option. Attention: your conversation partner might hear the warnings, too.

Acoustic warning for roadworks
This option allows you to deactivate solely the acoustic warning for roadworks. Visual alerts will still be shown.

Vibration alerts
In addition to the acoustic and visual warnings, your phone can also vibrate with each alert. This is ideal eg. for motorcyclists keep their smartphone in the pocket of their jacket. The phone will vibrate 1x at 1000, 2x at 500, 3x at 300 and 4x at 100 meters approaching the danger.

Audio output


There are four possible channels for the audio output:

In this channel, the operating system selects the audio output on its own. The selection depends on the possibilities your audio system offers and therefore we cannot offer a general recommendation.

Device speaker
With this option you can force your phone to always use the device speaker for our app, even if there is a Bluetooth connection with your audio system. If you use a USB connection, this setting might be neglected though.

Bluetooth [HFP]
Bluetooth HFP uses a Bluetooth profile that supports all hands-free devices. For each warning, a phone call is being simulated. The voice quality is at telephone level.

Bluetooth [A2DP]
Bluetooth A2DP uses a Bluetooth profile that only the new hands-free devices support. This Bluetooth profile is normally used to transfer music files. The audio quality of the warnings is higher than with HFP. In the event of a warning, the music volume is lowered for the duration of the warning.

Sound delay for HFP
You can choose a sound delay in combination with Bluetooth HFP. If it takes long for the smartphone to connect with the audio system and the acoustic alerts are cut off at the beginning of a warning, please try to delay the warning by a few seconds.

Widget Mode (ONLY in PLUS Version)

If you want to get visual alerts while using the app in the background, you can activate the widget mode.


The widget is the small mode of the app which floats on top of other apps. It can memorize a previous position, even if the app is put in foreground in the meantime or was closed.

In the widget settings you can choose the option to only show the widget when there is a danger ahead. The app can also start in widget mode without going into full-screen mode beforehand.

You also have the possibility to increase the transparency of the widget by reducing its visibility using the slider. Lowering the visibility, all elements of the widget will become more transparent.

You can customize the size of the widget. Three different sizes in portrait or landscape mode are available.

Also in widget mode you can report dangers. Just press the „+“.

To switch from widget mode to full-screen mode, tap the widget twice. In order to close the widget, just hold it for two seconds.

Automatic start (ONLY in PLUS version)
CamSam/Blitzer.de PLUS can start automatically after a Bluetooth connection has been established sucessfully, e.g. when starting the car.
An initial setup is necessary to define the automatic start and stopp of the app for a specific Bluetooth connection.

Black Mode (ONLY in PLUS version)
This mode we recommend for those of you who use the app all day, every day. It’s a darker view of the main screen with our famous three arrows, reduced to the most necessary elements of the app.

All elements shown are darkened or change continuously which is why the elements cannot burn into sensitive AMOLED displays. Due to its darkness, this mode is also battery-saving. You can activate Black Mode in the app settings and then return to the main view. The black mode activates automatically after 10 seconds.

Online Mode
You can disable the automatic database updates of the app by disabling its Online Mode. This will allow you to reduce your overall data consumption, e.g. when you’re abroad. Please note that you will not have the latest data in offline mode. You will only be warned of the mobile and fixed dangers the app could download when you were online the last time.

Use Google Location Services
This option to use of the “Google Location Services” serves to solve a device specific GPS problem in Huawei smartphones. If you have a Huawei smartphone and your app shows GPS loss every few seconds, you should activate this option. This function is unimportant for other smartphone brands.

In this section you can choose the language in which the app should alert you visually and acoustically. You can choose between German, English, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, French, Polish, Portuguese and Turkish.
To finalize the language switch you need to restart the app.

Screen orientation (ONLY in PLUS-version)
Here you have the choice of whether the orientation of the app (portrait or landscape) shall be fixed, or if the app should rotate accordingly to the phone rotation. To see the effect of the changed screen orientation setting, the app needs to be restarted.

Own image for Free drive (ONLY in PLUS-version)
You can replace the famous green arrows by a smiley or an image from your phone gallery.


Speed Unit
You can change the speed unit from kph to miles. This will affect the display of your currently driven speed as well as the speed in the report screen.

Activate/deactivate display on alert automatically
With this option your display will be activated automatically shortly before a warning and deactivated again afterwards. For how long the display will remain active depends on the smartphone settings for when it should go to sleep. If you chose 10 mins, the display will only deactivate after 10 mins post warning. If you’re using a lock screen, you will be asked to unlock your screen – we cannot omit it. We recommend you to also activate the “App on lock screen” option, so the app will be placed on top of your lock screen.

App in lock screen
If your smartphone is secured by a lock screen, you can activate this option so the app can omit it and run on top of it. Having activated the lock screen, you have to activate the screen once for the app to become visible on top of the lock screen. If you want to report a danger, you’ll have to unlock the screen.

Warning on Smartwatch
You can display the app alerts on your smartwatch. To do this, please check the setting box and pair the smartwatch with your smartphone as usual. For now, the app will only warn you visually.

Behaviour at closing

You can determine whether you want to close the app with a confirmation pop up or without it. In this case the app will close immediately after tapping the back-button.

In addition, the background mode can be prioritized. This will give CamSam/Blitzer.de PLUS a higher priority in the case of simultaneous use with other apps.

Closing of app and background service via app notification
Enable the notifications for CamSam/Blitzer.de (PLUS) in your smartphone settings. This way, when you pull down the status bar of your smartphone, a notification showing the app activity and a plus button for a quick report of speedcams and dangers will appear. If this option is active, you can also display an „X“ to close the app instantly when needed.

Request for background
If you press the home button while using CamSam/Blitzer.de (PLUS), the app will ask you whether you really want to move it to the background. This is meant to prevent an unwanted background activity e. g. when tapping the home button accidentally. If you don’t want this request shown, you can deactivate it here.

Abfrage Hintergrund-16-01-07

FCD is short for Floating Car Data. These help us improve the quality of our warnings. Don’t worry: Your data are being used completely anonymously and are only saved for 24 hours. It helps us short term and also you long term if you leave the option activated.

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11. Widget (PLUS only!)

If you want to get visual alerts while using the app in the background, you can activate the widget mode. This option is active by default. For the widget to show, you only need to press the home button of your smartphone while the app is running. A prompt will appear, asking if you want the app to continue running in background – please confirm.


The widget practically „floats“ on top of other apps and you can move it freely along your screen. It even memorizes its previous position on the screen before you put the app into foreground or closed it entirely.

You can report dangers and speedcams by pressing the + in the widget. When you’re approaching a danger or a speedcam, the corresponding danger symbol, the location and distance bars are displayed. Your currently driven speed is shown on the right.
As you see, the widget reduces the PLUS app to its most important functions.

To switch from the widget to full screen mode, please tap the widget twice. To close the app, simply hold the widget with your finger for two seconds.
There will be a video posted here shortly to show you how it’s done.


You can only choose from the following options, if you place a checkmark activating the widget mode. If there is no check mark, the following options will be grayed out and inactive.

Widget only for warnings
Mit dieser Option bestimmst du, dass die Mini-App erst und nur dann erscheint, wenn eine Warnung vorliegt. So bleibt Blitzer.de PLUS bei freier Fahrt unsichtbar im Hintergrund und es gibt nur bei Annäherung an eine Gefahr zusätzlich zur akustischen auch eine optische Warnung. Nach der Warnung verschwindet die Mini-App automatisch wieder.

You can choose the option to show the widget only with an active warning. This way, when there is a free drive in front of you, the app will stay invisible in the background and only show simultaneously with the acoustic warning when approaching a danger or speedcam. After the warning the app will automatically go back into the background.

Start app in widget mode
The app can also start directly in widget mode without going into fullscreen mode beforehand. Place the checkmark here if you prefer using the widget anyways.

Widget size
You can customize the size of the widget. Three different sizes in portrait or landscape mode are available.

Widget visibility
Increase the transparency of the widget as you like by reducing its visibility moving the slider. This way, the app will be less noticeable and you can see more of what’s beneath it.
Note: Lowering its visibility makes all elements of the widget more transparent.

Prioritized background mode
Please leave this option activated so the widget will always be prioritized by your smartphone and doesn’t get closed in the background without you noticing.

Our recommendation:: Change the position of your widget once in a while to protect your sensitive display from symbols burning in.
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12. Traffic map by atudo

You can enable the map view tapping the map pin in the bottom bar of the app.


In this view you can still see the report button, the distance bars and the currently driven speed.

Tap the cogwheel in the right corner in order to access the settings of the map. Here you can determine which objects should be shown on the map and set further options for the map.


Note: The map has its own settings that are not linked to the ones from the app menu.

Go to the app menu to open an XL version of the traffic map. In this however, elements (report button, distance bars and currently driven speed) are hidden.

BILD austauschen

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13. Status information

This screen appears when you tap the map pin and then the little „i“ on the bottom right of the app. This screen displays the number of speedcams and dangers in your database. The number of fixed speedcams should currently be around 110.339 (as of March ’20)

By re-tapping on the icon bottom right the app returns to the danger mode with the three arrows.

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