The app cannot determine my location (red satellite symbol). How do I adjust my location services (GPS-position)?

Your current position is determined with the help of the GPS signal and/or WiFi and Mobile data. CamSam/ requires a very accurate position, generated by GPS satellites AND Mobile data/Wifi, so the information about speedcam locations and danger spots in the app is as accurate and reliable as possible. This is how you can best adjust the location services:
Up until Android 4.4: Go to Smartphone-settings >”Location” or ”Location services” and allow your smartphone to determine your position via “GPS satellites” and “Wireless networks”.high_accuracy_english_2

From Android 5.0 onwards: First, go to your Smartphone-settings and activate the location services (green button at the top). Second, increase the GPS accuracy by adjusting the location “mode” – please select “High accuracy”.


iOS: Go to your iPhone-settings > Privacy > Location services and make sure that they are activated (green button).
Below, you’ll find a list of all installed apps that use the GPS-receiver. Here, the access to the GPS receiver should as well be granted to (PRO) for the app to be able to determine your GPS position and to work properly.
Android and iOS: For these new settings to be saved and realized correctly you’ll need to turn the smartphone off and on again. Subsequently test the app outside.Where is the smartphone positioned in your car?
We recommend to place the smartphone as close to the windscreen as possible or in a bracket on the air vent. For a clear GPS signal, the smartphone needs a clear view of the sky. A metallized, heated and/ or a thick, voice reducing windscreen might reduce the quality of the GPS signal.Here’s how you can test your GPS-receiver yourself:
1) Download an app that locates your current position via GPS coordinates. A good app shows the number of satellites within sight. We recommend the following apps:
Android: GPS Test, GPS Status & Toolbox, …
iOS: GPS Status, GPS Tracker, …
Windows Phone: n/a
2) Please switch off the smartphone for a few minutes and remove the SIM card and the battery (if possible)
3) Please insert the battery again and start the smartphone, WITHOUT the SIM card.
4) Now check if the GPS App can locate your current position and determine the number of visible satellites. You’re welcome to send us screenshots of the app to
Generally you should be aware of the fact that CamSam/ needs a very good quality of the GPS signal (because we want to give you as accurate speedcam positions as possible). Only when a certain quality level of this signal, the app informs you of having found a GPS signal. For other (navigational) apps a lower quality level might suffice. A comparison between apps might, thus, not necessarily be meaningful.
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